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IIE to examine joint and dual/double degree programmes

The Institute of International Education (IIE), in cooperation with the Freie Universität Berlin, has launched a global survey on international joint and dual/double degree programmes. This initiative builds on a survey that was conducted in 2008 by IIE and the Freie Universität Berlin, in conjunction with the State University of New York, the Franco-German University, and the Latvian Rectors’ Council.  That study, which was made possible with support from the EU-US Atlantis Programme and focused exclusively on the transatlantic context, indicated that there was increased engagement between US and European universities in terms of establishing collaborative degree programs.

The newest project seeks to expand the analysis of recent trends more globally by soliciting information from higher education institutions from all world regions. The goal is to provide higher education professionals and policymakers with meaningful and highly current information on the present situation with regard to international joint and dual/double degree programmes around the world, including analysis of the challenges and hindrances as well as recommendations and guidelines for effective implementation.

Interested institutions can access the survey online (IIE