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IIE Summit 2015: “Generation Study Abroad”

How can we assure that every U.S. student has the opportunity to take part in an international experience? How can we break down barriers to study abroad access? How can we build a globally minded workforce? These are some of the questions to be addressed in the inaugural IIE Summit on Generation Study Abroad, to take place on October 1-2 in Washington, DC. Participants will learn and share innovative solutions to increase and diversify study abroad participation, and discover new models that work for campuses and employers.
The IIE Summit is an opportunity for international partners to network and to build connections with US institutions and organizations who are expanding study abroad to new destinations, and who are looking for new collaborations. 
The Summit will feature four high-level plenary debates, 20 action-oriented sessions, two think tanks and many networking opportunities, as well as an engaging expo hall, to mobilize commitments and inspire new actions. The Embassies of Brazil, New Zealand, Norway and the United Kingdom will host networking receptions for the conference participants.