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IIE: fellowship for threatened scholars from Iraq

The Institute of International Education's Scholar Rescue Fund (SRF) is working to provide fellowships to scholars in Iraq whose lives and work are threatened. The Fund is currently seeking applications from suitable candidates and/or candidate referrals.

Academics, established researchers, and professors from Iraq in any field or discipline may qualify. Preference will be given to scholars with a Ph.D. or another highest degree in their field who have been employed in scholarly activities at a university, college or other institution of higher learning during the last four years (excluding displacement or prohibition). The host institution will be determined based on the qualifications of the fellowship recipient. Candidates are encouraged to contact universities or institutions who may potentially act as hosts for the fellowship. Placement within the Middle East and North Africa region will be encouraged.

Fellowships will be awarded for visiting academic positions of up to two years. A living stipend and relocation expenses for scholars and their families will be included in the fellowship.

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