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IIE: Expanding Study Abroad

In response to the growing need to encourage more U.S. students to study abroad and national-level U.S. efforts to raise study abroad numbers in coming years, the Institute of International Education (IIE) has launched "Meeting America's Global Education Challenge", a new research initiative that will explore the capacity of non-U.S. institutions to host a significantly larger number of U.S. students, and to assure that U.S. campuses have the resources and structures available to prepare and send them.

As part of this effort, IIE is conducting a survey among higher education institutions in select countries in Europe, Africa, Latin America, Asia, and in Canada. The aim of this survey is to better understand the challenges of and opportunities for hosting more international students at institutions in countries around the world.  

The survey findings will offer educators and policymakers in participating countries focused data and information on current and future trends in international academic exchange. Findings will also shape future recommendations on how to increase the numbers of U.S. students studying abroad.

The deadline to submit the survey online is October 15, 2007. 

The survey can be accessed and completed online at: