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IIE: Dr. Allan Goodman honoured

ACA is pleased to share with you that the former President of the French Republic, Jacques Chirac, has awarded to our collaborator Dr. Allan Goodman, President and CEO of IIE, the title “Chevalier” of the Legion of Honour on 23 April. The Legion d'Honneur is France's highest decoration; it was created by Napoleon Bonaparte in May 1802 and first bestowed in July 1804. This award testifies to the President’s high esteem for Dr. Goodman merits, and in particular, the appreciation for his contribution to the advancement of the relationship between France and the United States. Dr. Goodman is the sixth President of IIE, the leading not-for-profit organisation in the field of international educational exchange and development training. Previously, he was Executive Dean of the School of Foreign Service and Professor at Georgetown University. He is the author of several books on international affairs published by Harvard, Princeton and Yale University Presses. Dr. Goodman has a Ph.D. in Government from Harvard, an M.P.A. from the John F. Kennedy School of Government and a B.S. from Northwestern University. He also holds an honorary doctorate from Toyota University. We thank Dr. Goodman sincerely for his contributions to ACA and extend our most sincere congratulations.