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IIE call for papers: IIENetworker Spring 2016 Issue ‘Faculty-Driven Internationalization’

The Institute of International Education (IIE) is currently accepting article submissions for the Spring 2016 issue of IIENetworker magazine on "Faculty-Driven Internationalization." 

The purpose of this issue of IIE’s biannual magazine is to examine innovative means by which faculty can drive internationalization efforts on campus. Faculty may engage in internationalization in a wide variety of ways, including leading short-term student international experiences; initiating international research collaborations and publications; creating internationally-focused curricula; participating in programs abroad such as faculty exchanges, training programs, etc.; employing new technology (virtual, social media); and incorporating their own international experiences into their teaching. 

In addition to faculty contributions, this issue will also feature articles from administrators and other education professionals on how colleges, universities, governments, and other organizations worldwide encourage and support faculty engagement in internationalization through: grants and funding opportunities, tenure policies, administrative and support structures, strategic planning, government policies that support cross-border collaboration, host institution policies to attract international faculty, and policies and programs for retaining faculty after an international experience, e.g. re-entry programs.

Articles should be approximately 1200 words, and the submission deadline for completed articles is November 16, 2015.

If you are interested in submitting an article for the spring 2016 issue of IIENetworker, please address all inquiries to Jon Grosh at . For more information on IIENetworker, please visit: . The flipbook of last spring’s issue can be found .