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IIE and DAAD together to prepare the next generation of global scientists

Given the scarce number of international opportunities for study and research in science and technology, the Institute for International Education (IIE) from the United States and the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) have joined forces in order to create more opportunities for students and young professionals in these disciplines, and to enhance the science and technology professions in both countries. At a recent press briefing, the two organisations discussed trends in scientific education exchange and training, and highlighted new and successful models.

The RISE programme (Research Internship in Science and Engineering), for example, gives North American students in the fields of Biology, Chemistry, Engineering, Geology and Physics the chance to spend a summer working with German doctoral students on serious research projects. The doctoral students help integrate the undergraduate directly into the lab work and serve as personal and professional mentors.

You can view information about this and other programmes by clicking on the link below.

Preparing the next generation of global scientists