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IAU: The Promise of Higher Education

H,. Land, Corcoan, A., & Iancu D. The Promise of Higher Education. Springer. 

To celebrate the 70th anniversary of the IAU (International association of universities), a collection of essays that point to the various challenges and opportunities which highlight accomplishments and future potential of higher education and cooperation were published. These essays revisit the past, analyse the present, and look into the future.  

This book includes reflections on a wide range of topics from global cooperation to academic values to social justice and responsibility. Eighty-one authors from thirty-two countries, forty-seven universities, and sixteen organisations have contributed 64 chapters to this book. They all accepted the challenge to reflect deeply on higher education, to share views on specific topics close to their own work, and to think about the roles and contributions an association like the IAU has had over time and will have in the future. 

The book can be found here.