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I.K.Y. Greek State Scholarship Foundation “Recognized for Excellence”

ACA Member, The Greek State Scholarship Foundation (I.K.Y.) has been awarded the European Framework for Quality Management (EFQM) distinction, “Recognized for Excellence”.  EFQM Excellence Model is a framework that has been used to drive sustainable organizational development and the ‘Recognized for Excellence’ distinction is a peer-assessment carried out by a team of trained assessors that delivers insights into current management practices, performance and recognizes achievements.

Since 1951 I.K.Y. offers Grants for post-graduate studies, abroad and within Greece. From 1987 the Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs allocated I.K.Y the role of administration, co-ordination, implementation and dissemination of European Union Programmes. As of 2014 it became the National Agency for the Erasmus+ program, and has designed and implemented an internal quality assurance system for which it since has received a number of excellence distinctions and certifications.

Currently I.K.Y. offers scholarship Programs as: the “Human Resources Development Program, Education and Lifelong Learning’’ that strengthens doctoral and post-doctoral research, the ‘’IKY Fellowships of Excellence for Postgraduate Studies in Greece – Siemens Programme”, and provides financial support to students coming from Vulnerable Social and Economic Groups.  

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