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Hungary: New education minister presents proposal for higher education reform

Mr Istvan Hiller, the new minister of education and culture in Hungary, presented a proposal for higher education reform to the Hungarian parliament last month. The proposal introduces the concept of ‘partial development contribution’ (fejlesztesi reszhozzajarulas), according to which students will have to pay for tuition at university (tuition is free at present). The novelty is that the amount of tuition fees to be paid by the student will be based on performance, with the best performing students receiving a reduction or even an exemption, while the worst performing ones will have to pay higher fees than the basic amount.

Amongst the main steps to be taken, the Minister mentioned:

  • The setting up of a quality management board by the end of 2006;
  • A survey on the living and working conditions of students;
  • Monitoring of the labour market’s demand;
  • The preparation of a proposal on the role of higher education institutions in vocational training and in the education of foreign students.