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How to work with Erasmus+ next year? 2020 Annual work programme for the implementation of Erasmus+ is published

2020 Annual work programme for the implementation of Erasmus+ has been published. In 2020, the pilot activity on European Universities will be reinforced. The selected projects aim at increasing the performance, attractiveness and competitiveness of higher education institutions on a European scale. Another important novelty will be the inclusion of a new action on Centres of Vocational Excellence aimed at establishing world-class reference points for both initial as well as continuing training in specific sectors. From the point of view of technical management, further efforts will be made to optimise, stabilise and improve the performance and user-friendliness of the IT tools supporting the implementation of the programme, in particular those used by the beneficiaries of the programme. These efforts will be carried out with a view to facilitating the access to the programme, notably for new entrants and small entities applying for funding.

The total expenditure - including all types of appropriations foreseen under the 2020 work programme - amounts to slightly above EUR 3 million.

European Commission