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How to get more students in Science and Technology

OECD. Encouraging Student Interest in Science and Technology Studies. OECD Publishing, 2008. ISBN: 9-789-264-040-694. Pages: 132.

The increasing shortage of experts in Science and Technology (S&T) - recently expressed by different political and economic bodies (for further details see the October edition of ACA Newsletter – Education Europe) - gave rise to this new OECD publication, which explores the reasons for the lack of enthusiasm in S&T studies and suggests possible actions to be taken to overcome the problem. The publication starts with a comparative analysis of students’ choice in terms of the field of study and their career decisions. Even though the number of S&T students is increasing, the student population in these areas is declining - this concerns girls in particular.

The report shows that increasing the interest in S&T studies requires actions to tackle a multitude of issues inside and outside the education system, ranging from teacher training and curricula design, to improving the image and knowledge of S&T careers. Numerous examples of national initiatives are used to complement the analysis in order to present a set of practical recommendations.

The publication can be ordered from the OECD online bookstore.