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How to best accommodate the needs of international students?

This was the main question explored by participants and speakers alike at the second ACA European Policy Seminar of 2010, and the 25th in the series, on 19 March in Brussels. Entitled Taking care of the ‘brains ‘ – Principles and practice in international student support, the seminar reunited close to 100 participants and was described by many as a big success. The event revealed recent findings of an ACA study on international student support (now close to finalisation). In addition, it presented cases of national and institutional good practices in student services and offered the participants the opportunity to share their experiences and learn from each other. Discussions throughout the day showed that there are plenty of aspects that can be improved when it comes to institutional support for international and national students. Surprisingly enough, many of the solutions evogued throughout the day barely cost anything, apart from staff time, of course.

ACA wishes to thank the high-calibre speakers, participants and to Maria Kelo, former ACA Senior Officer and the ‘brain’ behind the seminar programme, for making the event possible.