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How entrepreneurial is your university?

The European Commission has launched a new platform for higher education institutions in order to assess the entrepreneurial nature of their institution. The website HEInnovate was launched at the EU Commission’s event Innovation in Higher Education, during which higher education stakeholders had the opportunity to discuss the economic, social and cultural global impact of education.

HEInnovate offers higher education institutions to examine their entrepreneurial nature in seven different areas, based on their self-assessment on various statements. The seven areas include:

  • Leadership and Governance
  • Organisational Capacity, People and Incentives
  • Entrepreneurship development in teaching and learning
  • Pathways for entrepreneurs
  • University – business/external relationships for knowledge exchange
  • The Entrepreneurial University as an internationalised institution
  • Measuring the impact of the Entrepreneurial University

In this way, higher education institutions can compare themselves with other institutions’ self-assessment, allowing them to identify their own assets and areas of improvement

HEInnovate platform