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Horizon 2020 work programme 2018-2020- Strategic Programme Overarching Document

Preparations for the work programme 2018-2020 began in 2016 with stakeholder consultations and discussions with Member States on priorities, which have been outlined in informal working documents, namely 17 thematic scoping papers and one overarching document. The adoption and publication of the work programme are expected in October 2017. 

Each thematic section organised the stakeholder consultations in the way that is best suited to the respective subject and the respective target groups.

Work has included open public consultations via 'Your Voice in Europe' in areas where also citizens could directly contribute (Societal challenge 'Food' and 'Science with and for society') as well as open consultations using other platforms for ICT related issues.

Dedicated written consultations targeted at respective stakeholder groups, European networks and international bodies as well as several specific events were organised.

The results of recent stakeholder consultations on related policy initiatives (e.g. Digital Single Market, Energy Union, 'call for ideas' for the European Innovation Council etc.) were also taken into account. 

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