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Horizon 2020 updated programme – addressing new challenges & a competitive edge through open science

The European Commission, end of this July, has confirmed calls and further actions under the updated work programme for its biggest research and innovation programme – Horizon 2020, with a EUR 77 Billion budget. An investment of EUR 8.5 billion is to be released for the upcoming year 2017

The updated work programme seeks to advance so far successful features of Horizon 2020, and introduces new priorities and action areas that will enhance the union’s competitive potential globally and foster excellence.

With the mission to drive the implementation of the Innovation Union and Europe 2020 the work programme for 2016-2017 comprises a range changes and key priorities, including:

  • Introduction of open research data in all new Horizon 2020 calls (with opt out possibility under certain conditions)
  • Support of SMEs with a total funding of around EUR1.45 billion, including dedicated funding to boost 100 highly innovative initiatives
  • To foster growth and new breakthroughs, the ERC (European Research Council) in 2017 alone, will back outstanding researchers  with 1.8 Billion (equivalent to around 1000 grants) and Marie Sklodowska-Curie actions will enable over 10,000 fellows to access training and career development opportunities.
  • EUR 291 million will be released into creating and sustaining new pan-European research infrastructures
  • In response to new migration challenges close to European citizens, the updated programme critically seeks to provide answers and solutions to this thematic- by reinforcing research into migration and the development of effective policies for the successful inclusion of migrants into society and economy.  The EUR 11 million action package will support cooperation of research communities across Europe to map different systems and identify harmonisation points.

Moreover, programme updates will support cross-cutting initiatives in 2017 on topics as circular economy, smart and sustainable cities, and the take up of digital technologies across Europe. Challenges embedded in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s), including a view on A Resilient Energy Union driven by climate change policy, are supported with a number of calls.  Action for ‘Greening the economy’ will focus on food security and closing the water gap.  

New provisions in the Horizon 2020 Model Grant Agreement entail a more specific set of rules on research integrity to be realized.  Together with a recently launched revision of the European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity, these measures should necessitate beneficiaries to uphold more unambiguous principles of integral and responsible research.

With the release of the second round of funding from the Horizon 2020 two year work programme, the adopted updates now confirm details of the calls for proposals 2017 and their timelines. 

More information about the updated programme and its calls:

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