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Homosexuality and education: controversial Polish proposal

A recent informal meeting of EU Education Ministers in Heidelberg to discuss Lisbon reform was certainly colourful. In this event, the Polish Education Minister Roman Giertych, a very controversial figure on the Polish political scene, took the floor to call for a Europe-wide ban against abortion and "homosexual propaganda". The Minister tabled a bill stating that any person disclosing their homosexuality “or any other sexual deviation” in a university or scholastic establishment would be liable to a fine, dismissal or a term of imprisonment. Minister Giertych is a leader of the League of Polish Families (LPR) and one of the founders of “All-Polish Youth,” a nationalistic organisation that constantly opposes women’s rights, gay pride, and other kinds of social identity demonstrations. Poland currently supports some of the most restrictive laws on abortion in Europe. The Polish Prime Minister Jaroslaw Kaczynski distanced himself from Giertych's remarks and the Secretary General of the Council of Europe showed its concern on this issues. Currently, the European Parliament adopted a resolution voicing concern and asking Poland to refrain from proposing or adopting a law as described.  European Parliament
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