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Hola-Oi-Hallo-Ciao, Multilingual Euro-MOOCs!

Fresh news from the European MOOC space: multilingual MOOCs are coming soon! The first European MOOCs with automatic transcription in several languages will be available from September 2014 at the EMMA platform.

EMMA stands for the European Multiple MOOC Aggregator, which is an EU-supported 30-month pilot project involving 12 partners in 8 European countries. Five traditional universities, three open universities and four companies are working together to create a sustainable hosting platform for multilingual MOOCs developed by European universities. Besides hosting MOOCs, the EMMA platform will also provide a flexible learning space, meaning that learners will be able to decide on their own learning path by using and combining available teaching units from different MOOCs. 

The EMMA platform was launched on April 14, 2014 and within the first pilot batch of 16 MOOCs starting in autumn project partners aim to involve at least 60 000 participants. The topics covered by the first MOOCs will range from Business Management to Climate Change to General Pedagogy. In the pilot phase, the courses will be provided by partner universities in Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and the UK. Subsequently, the partners plan to invite more European universities to join and experiment with MOOCs and innovative methodologies.