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Higher Education Transitions

Kyndt E., Donche V.,Trigwell K., Lindblom-Ylänne S., Higher Education Transitions, Routledge 2017, ISBN: 9781138670891. Pages: 322

Higher Education Transitions aims to deepen an understanding of the transitions taking place when students enter, progress and leave higher education to enter the labour market.

In the current era where lifelong learning is brought to the fore, higher education can no longer be regarded as an isolated trajectory within one’s educational career as many students face substantial challenges in crafting their professional future. More specifically, the transition from school to higher education and continuing to the labour market are often difficult hurdles for many students. Almost half of students do not succeed in the first year and often withdraw from education, students are faced with a variety of contexts and may choose to study in a different (international) context, where they are confronted with structural barriers in finding a (high-quality) job, as evidenced by increasing levels of youth unemployment and underemployment.

Drawing on an international team of contributors, this guide includes three conceptual and fifteen empirical studies which include a range of quantitative, qualitative, cross-sectional and longitudinal studies. Divided into three sections to reflect each important transition phase, topics include:

·         transitions from secondary to higher education;

·         transitions within higher education;

·         transitions from higher education to the labour market.