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Higher Education to 2030

OECD. Higher Education to 2030 – Volume 1: Demography. OECD Publishing. Paris, 2008. ISBN: 978-92-640-4065-6. Pages: 300.

Upcoming demographic changes will also have an impact on tertiary education systems and institutions, and the central future challenges for many countries will be of a qualitative nature, forecasts the Higher Education to 2030 – Volume 1 OECD publication. Such challenges are the inequalities in access and participation, the diversity of paths, provision and institutions in higher education, the possible social marginalisation of the least educated, and the need to rethink the role of the academic profession. Drawing on trend data and projections, this book examines, in particular, the link between these developments, demographic changes and higher education policy.

The current publication is the first volume in the series Higher Education to 2030, which analyses the impact of various contemporary trends on tertiary education systems. Two further volumes will examine the effects of technology and globalisation, and a fourth will present alternative scenarios for the future of higher education systems.