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Higher education system facing reforms in Hungary

Seven major Hungarian universities, along with former Finance Minister and current CEO of the Central European University, Lajos Bokros, have submitted a plan for "radical transformations of the country’s higher education system”. The plan is in line with the “Bokros package,” introduced in 1995 for economic reforms, and suggests that the state's involvement in higher education should not go further than financing the infrastructure of the institutions, as higher tuition fees by students should cover professors' wages. However, those students in need of financial assistance would be exempt from paying fees, which the state would then cover. Under the proposal, some of the institutions with sub-standard infrastructure and academic achievement should be closed, while institutions that excel in educational performance would receive additional financing. According to Bokros, at the moment, there is nothing that presses Hungarian universities to offer high-quality education. The Minister of Education Gergely Arat? replied that discussions on the topic are important, but did not agree with the proposal for a radical transformation of the country’s higher education system, especially, when reforms are becoming real and the improvement of quality is already the cornerstone for Hungarian education. Hungarian academy of sciences