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Higher Education Studies in a Global Environment

Barbara M. Kehm und Ulrich Teichler, Higher Education Studies in a Global Environment, Vol. 2, INCHER Kassel, 2014. ISBN: 978-3-934377-81-3. Pages: 296.

This book is the Volume 2 of the Higher Education Studies in a Global Environment, whose first volume appeared in 2012. It presents 13 articles on subjects of university research and academic development. The young authors come from 10 different countries and are among the best graduates of the international Master's program Higher Education, Research and Development offered from 2001 to 2012 at the University of Kassel, Germany. Most contributions are devoted to specific issues of higher education in one or two countries - among them often the home countries of the authors. Among the themes covered in this volume, you will find: new approaches to attract students from non-academic parents' background in Germany, the situation of students from ethnic minority in China, the impact of governance - including the role of international actors - on higher education in Kenya, the phenomenon of participation in internships after graduation in Germany, and technology transfer systems in Germany and Russia. Various master work focuses on the internationalization of higher education in different countries, such Vietnam, Lebanon, Germany, Colombia and Hong Kong. Also the topic of university research is touched with one article examining the changes in university research topics based on journal articles by scientists from India and other parts of the world.