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Higher Education Policy in the Philippines and ASEAN Integration

Kolawole Samuel Adeyemo, Higher Education Policy in the Philippines and ASEAN Integration Demands and Challenges. ISBN: 978-90-04-41132-6

Globalisation has brought a number of regional cooperation, collaboration, partnership and networking initiatives among different countries. The regionalisation of higher education or its initiators have used different terms to define their objectives. For Asian higher education, this relationship has extended beyond the broader idea of higher education cooperation for instance, to include different networks and agreements within and outside of the region on matters related to research, student mobility and quality assurance among Asian countries and between Asia and other countries that share a similar vision on education. This book examines and analyses the status of education policy in the Philippines and, more particularly, focuses on the issue of the integration of higher education in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). It further examines ASEAN integration policies and what the Philippines could do to underpin these policies.