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Higher Education in the High North – Academic exchanges between Norway and Russia

Sundet M., Forstorp P-A., Örtenbald A. (Eds.), Higher Education in the High North - academic exchanges between Norway and Russia, Springer 2017, ISBN 978-3-319-56832-4

This book focuses on how the Northern futures are transformed through regional cooperation in the Barents eduscape: a study of the social, cultural and political aspects of higher education and the exchanges of learning and people in the Euro-Arctic Barents region, especially between Norway and Russia.

The book shows that educational cooperation between Norway and Russia is possible, but also that the existing practices are extremely vulnerable to changes seen through micro theoretical perspectives. By developing new theories which bind major theories, international political decisions, methodological procedures and contextual descriptions together, this book is a first step in the direction of institutionalizing educational cooperation between the various and different academic societies, cultures and political systems.