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Higher education in the Asia-Pacific: Strategic responses to globalization

Marginson, S., Kaur, S., & Sawir, E. (Eds.). Higher education in the Asia-Pacific: Strategic responses to globalization. Springer, 2011. ISBN 978-94-007-1499-1. Pages: 357.

This book has recently been published as part of the Higher Education Dynamics book series, devoted to studying adaptation processes and their outcomes in higher education at all relevant levels. The publication focuses on East Asia and the Western Pacific (collectively understood as the “Asia-Pacific” region), and aims to discuss and explain the developments in higher education and research in this part of the world.

The authors explore approaches to organising education that have been shaped by the “Confucian Model” as seen in China, Hong Kong China, Taiwan China, Singapore and Korea. They also examine the contributions of the “Confucian Model” and its applications in these various contexts to the extraordinary development in both educational participation and research in these countries. This book is designed to help fill gaps in knowledge about the “rise” of “the East” in higher education and research, and shed some light on the global trends playing out in the Asia-Pacific region.