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Higher education in Portugal 1974-2009: A nation, a generation

Neave, G., & Amaral, A. (Eds.). Higher education in Portugal 1974-2009: A nation, a generation. Springer, Dodrecht, 2012. ISBN 978-94-007-2134-0. Pages: 445.

One of the rare English-language books on higher education in Portugal, this new publication offers a comprehensive and detailed insight by leading policy-makers and scholars into higher education policy in Portugal from 1974 to 2009. It aims to show how different thematic disciplines, as well as social, economic, political and other perspectives, contribute to the study of higher education and higher education policy. Specifically, this book deals with policy issues and challenges arising in higher education in Portugal in the wake of the post-Bologna period. The substantive chapters are preceded by a detailed introductory overview that places the issues treated in this volume in a European perspective and sets out the national differences in political, cultural and social values that mark the Portuguese higher education landscape. The book addresses a wide range of higher education issues, ranging from university autonomy, governance and administration, to the new contours of science and technology, quality and the academic profession, which may interest many different readers.