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Higher education – business and community interaction survey 2010-11

Higher Education Founding Council for England (HEFCE). Higher education – business and community interaction survey 2010-11. Author, Bristol, 2012. Pages: 27.

This annual survey, currently in its 11th year of running, provides information on the knowledge exchange between universities and the business and community domains in the UK. Out of the total number of 163 public universities in the UK, 159 provided comprehensive information for the 2010-11 survey. The results show an overall increase from 2009-10 in the “total value of the services which UK universities provide to the economy and society” annually by 7% to GBP 3.3 billion (EUR 4.17 billion). Among other things, the survey and the consequent analysis provide a breakdown of different types of collaboration in research, higher education institutions’ outputs, as well as the income institutions receive from such activities.