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Higher Education at a Crossroad: The Case of Estonia

Ellu Saar & René Mõttus (eds.). Higher Education at a Crossroad: The Case of Estonia. Peter Lang Edition, Frankfurt am Main, 2013. ISBN: 978-3-631-63784-5. Pages:  446.

Many of the educational transitions that have taken place over decades in ‘Western’ countries have been condensed in just less than two decades in the case of Estonia. This book describes these transitions and addresses the current state of tertiary education from the point of view of both learners and teachers. It presents an overview of the strategy documents that steer Estonian higher education policy. The study has focused on various aspects of the learning process and learning environment. Various aspects of the teaching process were investigated from the point of view of teachers. The book examines the transition from higher education to the labour market. It benefits from contributions from a range of scientific disciplines, including educational sociology, educational sciences, psychology and econometrics.

The book is a collection of different recent studies on higher education in Estonia. It is financed by European Union Europian Social Fund through Archimedes Foundation's programme Primus. 

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