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Higher education and sustainable development

Stephen Gough, William Scott, Higher Education and Sustainable Development.
Paradox and Possibility
, Routledge, London: 2008. ISBN: 9780415416528. Pages 208. 

Higher Education and Sustainable Development, a publication in the series ‘Key Issues in Higher Education’, examines whether it is actually possible to mandate, plan, monitor and evaluate the higher education sector’s route to the production of educated, innovative, and independent individuals while at the same time achieving a range of wider policy goals on the side. This book examines this question in the context of a particular international policy issue –
sustainable development – which is now seen across the globe as a necessary and urgent response to a range of social and environmental issues. The book concludes that the idea of sustainable development holds both opportunities and dangers for universities as they pursue their proper role in a free society.

Illustrated by seven in-depth case studies the book considers the complex inter-relationships of a free society and sustainable development in the context of higher education, and aims to makes recommendations for realistic future development. It is targeted for the international higher education research community, policy-makers, university managers, and non-Governmental organisations in the development, environment and social policy sectors.