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Higher Education and Research under the new German Government

As the new German government has been formed, the coalition agreement includes clear commitments towards progressive actions in the field of higher education, research and innovation. DAAD congratulates the newly elected Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz and his cabinet and welcomes the emphasis on the importance of foreign science policy.

DAAD’s considerations concerning a systematic promotion of Europe as a globally attractive science hub were taken up in the coalition agreement. This also includes commitments to strengthen the Erasmus+ programme and further expand the European higher education networks digitally and physically. With a federal "Digital University" programme the new government will promote concepts for the expansion of innovative teaching, qualification measures, digital infrastructures and cyber security, digital infrastructures and cyber security for higher education institutions.

In the area of research and development, expenditure is to be increased from the current 3.17 per cent to 3.5 per cent of gross domestic product in 2025. The new coalition also envisages an important contribution of research and development to the green transition. Germany intends to strengthen research on the consequences of the climate crisis, biodiversity, sustainability, agriculture and nutrition. Another focus will be on modern technologies for a climate-neutral industry.

Link to the press release

Link to the coalition agreement