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Higher Education and Regional Development – Tales from Northern and Central Europe

R. Pinheiro, M. Young, K. Šima, Higher Education and Regional Development - Tales from Northern and Central Europe, Springer 2018, 212 pages, ISBN: 978-3-319-78643-8 

This book analyses the role of universities as critical actors in the socio-economic development of peripheral regions in Norway and the Czech Republic. Examining the ambiguities of the traditional mission of a university in comparison to contemporary demands, the editors and contributors move past single-case analyses to adopt an integrated conceptual and analytical framework. The authors question whether universities can indeed ‘fix’ the conditions of any region they operate in, as is a common assumption, by examining peripheral regions, many of which have been devastated by natural or man-made disasters. Simultaneously acknowledging the complexities at the heart of both higher education institutions and regions, this book brings together a set of critical contributions that shed light on how universities can fulfil their role in peripheral regions rather than knowledge-intensive cities and towns. This uniquely researched book will be of interest to students and scholars of higher education, universities and communities, and education policy.