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Higher Education and China’s Global Rise – A Neo-tributary Perspective

Su-Yan Pan, Joe Tin Yau Lo, Higher Education and China’s Global Rise - A Neo-tributary Perspective, Routledge 2018, 120 pages, ISBN: 9781138680623 

This book examines the rise of China’s global profile in the international higher education community, as indicated by its rise of human capital, visibility in academic publications, world university ranking, expanding international cultural influence, and becoming a study-abroad destination of international students. It identifies the diplomatic role of higher education in China’s politico-economic development over a century, and how the role has been shaped by China’s self-identity as a great power in the world.

Higher Education and China's Global Rise provides an understanding of linkage between higher education and China’s international influence, and a scholarly discussion of what Chinese higher education tells about China’s international relations, especially the aims, means, and nature of China’s rise as a global power. It will help to broaden perspectives surrounding debate about China’s rise that is currently dominated by Western international relations theory and comparative higher education discourses. Routledge