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High level education donors meeting in Brussels

The World Bank and the European Commission, in a high level donor meeting held in Brussels on 2 May, recently pledged support for the Millennium Development Goals. The meeting essentially aimed to reposition the Education for all fast track initiative (EFA FTI), the first ever global ‘compact’ designed to empower poor nations to build and implement education development plans. During the meeting, the European Commission (Development Fund) announced a funding of 1.7 billion Euro to general global education and promised to commit 22 Million Euro for the Education for All Fast Track Initiative (EFA FTI). The World Bank, Germany, the UK, Japan, and the Soros Foundation also pledged sizeable sums to this initiative.
Also present at this high level education conference were the delegates of the 2007 Greenwich youth leadership forum, a high profile youth consultation addressing global citizenship . The youth forum delegates, who presented their conclusions to the World Economic Forum in February, essentially proposed a Global Fund for Education that would bring together governments, foundations, businesses and the public in a coalition uniting investment in education. Donors meeting
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