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Helvetic Confederation and Cantons adopt common strategy on exchange and mobility

In October 2017 the Helvetic Confederation and its cantons adopted their first-ever joint long-term strategy on exchange and mobility aimed at fostering Swiss education’s quality and internationalisation. The strategy is meant to foster mobility not only in the field of education, but also work, culture and leisure. Mobility is to be supported both within Switzerland and to other countries, although the destinations are yet to be defined.  
The strategy aims to make mobility and exchange an integral part of the educational path of Swiss citizens at all levels. Its gradual implementation will fall on the Confederation and its cantons, specifically to the Swiss Foundation for the promotion of exchanges and mobility (FPEM), while the operational level is the responsibility of ACA’s member Movetia, which will develop an implementation action plan in the upcoming months.
For the time being, the financial resources of the programme are around CHF 38,5 Million (about EUR 35,3 Million), of which 32 Million are destined to finance international activities of mobility and exchange and 0,5 Million is aimed to sustain exchanges inside the Confederation. While bringing the multiannual experience in exchange and mobility within the framework of the Eramus+ programme, Switzerland will now be more flexible with regards to the national, European and global changes and will better harmonise the exchanges within the country.  More information