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HE community discussed Digital Pedagogies

The picturesque town of Bled played host to an inspiring conference co-organised by ACA and its Slovene member organisation CMEPIUS, from the 7 to 9 of June. The event, titled ‘’Fostering Digital Pedagogies through International Cooperation’’, brought together an international crowd of academics, national agencies (NAs) staff, and digital innovators. Under the auspices of a shared commitment to the development of digital pedagogies, participants took part in an intensive schedule of discussions, presentations, and workshops designed to promote best practices in digital teaching and learning environments, as well as cooperation over new project ideas.

Keynote speaker, Robert O'Dowd, set the tone of the conference by introducing the foundations and range of digitalisation options available in contemporary educational settings. The conference addressed thought-provoking questions around AI's role in the classroom and the need for continued reflection on the purpose and potential of digitalisation. Panelists also stressed the importance of not only collecting students' feedback but also discerning how this feedback is utilized. The conference also shed light on empirical studies of COIL, funding options for Erasmus+ Cooperation Partnerships, and insights from various small sessions presentations.

The conference concluded with a forward-thinking remark by Piet Van Hove, who also served as the master of ceremony for the event, and who anticipates that the term 'digital pedagogies' will soon become redundant, as the aspects of digitalisation will inherently become integral part of what we’ll mean by 'pedagogies' in the near future. This sentiment resonates with the core theme of the event – working collectively to leverage digital tools and strategies to enhance international teaching and learning activities. The exchanges supported the participants in their reflections and practices in advancing digital pedagogies.

The organisers wish to extend their heartfelt thanks to all the moderators, panelists, and participants who brought their experiences, insights, and dynamism to each discussion.

For those who could not attend, the recordings of the panel discussions are accessible via the ACA website.