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Happy Birthday Utrecht Network

In April, the Utrecht Network celebrated its 25th anniversary. We congratulate on a quarter of a century’s successful work in European and global cooperation.

The network developed out of one of the earliest ‘inter-university cooperation projects’ (ICPs) of the then newly started ERASMUS Programme and initially had 5 member institutions (the universities of Utrecht, Bologna, Antwerp, Bochum and Hull).  Over the 25 years, membership grew to 31 institutions in 29 countries. The original focus on Western Europe was gradually complemented by members and activities around the world, turning the consortium into a ’European network with a global outlook’.

Student mobility has remained the prime activity of the group. Over its lifetime, the network managed to exchange close to 20 000 students between partner universities. International marketing became another focal activity. So did joint programmes, particularly at the Master level.  Joint programmes were also the theme of the 25th anniversary conference, for which rectors and other high representatives of member universities convened in Utrecht on 26 April. One of those honoured to address the august assembly was ACA Director Bernd Wächter, who spoke about the European Commission’s plans for the Erasmus for All ProgrammeJeroen Torenbeek, the long-time head of the network, received the first ever Utrecht Network Award.

Since 1987, the network’s secretariat has been located at the Utrecht University.  It will in the future be hosted by the University of Hull, another one of the founding members.

Utrecht Network