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Happy Birthday University of Luxembourg

This year, the University of Luxembourg is celebrating its tenth anniversary. The official celebration took place on 12 October 2013 in Luxembourg City with an opening speech by President of the University of Luxembourg, Rolf Tarrach, and a keynote speech given by General Director of the Nobel Foundation, Lars Heikensten. The ceremony was followed by a round table discussion on the progress and the future challenges of the University of Luxembourg.

With a population of slightly more than half a million, Luxembourg did not have a public university on its own until 2003. Luxembourgish students could enrol in one or two-year academic studies courses at higher educational institutions within Luxembourg, but had to go abroad in order to complete their studies based on agreements between Luxembourg and universities in neighbouring and other countries. At the initiative of former Minister for Higher Education and Research, Erna Hennicot-Schoepges, the University of Luxembourg was established in August 2003. At present, the university enrols 6 200 students, 42 % of which are international students. Most of the courses are obligatorily bilingual sometimes trilingual or even quadrilingual, as courses are offered in different combinations of French, German, English and sometimes Luxembourgish.

With its ten years, the University of Luxembourg is one of the youngest Western European universities. One of its main objectives in the near future is to globally promote its image as one of the most genuinely European universities in Europe. 

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