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GUNI: Implementing the 2030 Agenda at Higher Education Institutions: Challenges and Responses

The publication focuses on the obstacles that HEIs encounter when implementing the SDGs and offers some clues as to what some higher education institutions do to overcome them. It includes regional and institutional approaches to sustainable development and it offers a picture of how some higher education institutions can, and do, embed sustainable development in their core missions. Through this project, GUNi hopes to demonstrate its commitment and reinforce the role of HEIs, partnerships, knowledge and research in the achievement of the goals and a better future for all.

The report outlines some approaches and examples as to what kind of obstacles higher education institutions find and how they are trying to overcome them in their specific contexts. GUNI believes that awareness raising, more and stronger partnerships, lobbying for an improved policy environment and support for transdisciplinary work at HEIs, and also between HEIs and other institutions and organizations, will be of key importance in the quest towards implementing the goals set for 2030.

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