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GUNI: Higher Education in the World 3

GUNI, Higher Education in the World 3: Higher Education: New Challenges and Emerging Roles for Human and Social Development, Palgrave Macmillann UK: 2008. ISBN: 978-02-300-0048-3. Pages: 432.

The third Global University Network for Innovation (GUNI) report offers an analysis of the role of higher education and higher education institutions and their contribution to human and social development in the context of globalisation. It presents the latest knowledge, research, experiences and practices to rethink and propose new routes for the interchange of values between higher education institutions and society.

Voices are now being raised—many from within the universities themselves—warning that the models that have guided development over the last century are now exhausted. What does the world of today need to make tomorrow’s society progress? This report tries to answer this question and aims to reconsider the social role of higher education through an academic analysis based on what higher education is today and what the context needs, in order to propose what higher education should be like in the future from the perspective of its own functions.

The report includes papers from 52 scholars from around the world discussing, from both global and regional perspectives. It also includes special contributions and good practices related to the role of higher education for human and social development; a Delphi poll of 214 experts, university leaders, policy-makers and members of the civil society from over 80 countries.

The report is published in Spanish by Mundiprensa and in English by Palgrave. It can be purchased through the websites of these two publishing companies.