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Grundtvig’s 10th Anniversary

In 2010 the Grundtvig programme for adult education, one of the most important sub-programmes of the European Commission’s Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP), celebrates its 10th anniversary. The successful part the Grundtvig programme seems to be vividly operating under the name of ‘European Assistantship’, and provides a colourful selection of objectives and actions for the 2007-2013 periods.

Grundtvig strives to bring together adult learners, teachers, trainers, education staff and facilities and to match the needs of every stakeholder, but goes that beyond. Besides the ‘what to do’ and ‘how to do’, beyond the resources and tools, Grundtvig aims to generate a paradigm shift, by standing for a modern approach of learning,  by opening tangible opportunities and encouraging people to be active part of education at any time.   

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