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Greetings and farewells at the Secretariat

October brings with it an important staff change at ACA, with a handover of office management responsibilities at the Secretariat in Brussels.   It is our sincere pleasure to welcome Elke Lingier this month as the new ACA Office Manager. In this capacity, Elke—who holds a bachelor’s degree in communication management from the Hogeschool West Vlaanderen—will be responsible for the internal organisation of the Secretariat and will play a key role supporting ACA’s various events throughout the year.
In happily welcoming Elke, we also say an extremely fond farewell and heartfelt thank you to Isabelle Deneyer, who served as ACA’s Office Manager for over three years. Isabelle brought an enormous level of energy and enthusiasm to her work within the Secretariat, and introduced a number of outstanding innovations and improvements during her tenure. We are deeply grateful for Isabelle’s commitment and contributions, and wish her smooth sailing ahead!