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Going green with Erasmus+

The European cooperation programmes for education, youth and sport all place high emphasis on sustainability as a priority. They encourage beneficiaries to find eco-friendly ways to participate in international activities and call for applications that address climate change. ACA member Rannís, who hosts the Icelandic National Agency for Erasmus+, organises on the 7 June, a thematic conference entitled Going green with Erasmus+, bringing together current and future beneficiaries and reflecting on ways to use European programmes to promote environmentally friendly practices.

The main objectives of the conference are to present the green priorities in Erasmus+ and other education and youth programmes financed by the EU; to highlight good practices in the area; to encourage potential applicants; and to provide networking opportunities. The programme features a key-note speech from Felix Tran, an expert from the Erasmus+ SALTO GREEN Resource Centre in France as well as panel discussions and a premiere of promotional videos showcasing inspirational projects.

European cooperation in higher education and other fields of learning and training is crucial for the green transition to be successful. The conference is a part of the Icelandic NA’s efforts to support the higher education community in Iceland to work transnationally on tackling climate issues and be environmentally conscious in their internationalisation activities. Other measures include a specific website on sustainable project management and cooperation with other National Agencies through a long-term activity dedicated to institutional approaches to green practices.