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Globalization and Japanese “Exceptionalism” in Education

Tsuneyoshi R., Globalization and Japanese "Exceptionalism" in Education - Insider's Views into a Changing System. Routledge 2017, ISBN: 9781138915350, Pages: 240

This book aims to provide an insider's account of how the Japanese educational system is trying to meet the challenge of globalisation while placing the developments in a larger international context. This volume tries to bring in the diversity of insiders‘ reactions concerning globalisation reform in education, while placing such actions in the larger international context. It also covers a wide span of education (elementary to higher education) and shows how the globalisation reforms as a whole are impacting Japanese education. With a focus on insiders’ accounts, this book tries to bring in information that is little known outside of Japan. It also links globalisation processes in Japanese society, school education and higher education, accounting for similarities and differences across educational levels, providing insight into the multifaceted processes affecting the Japanese education system.