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Globalising education policy

Rizvi, F. and Lingard, B. Globalizing Education Policy. Routledge, London, 2009. ISBN: 978-0-415-41627-6. Pages: 240

Over the past two decades, educational systems throughout the world have undergone significant changes as they continue to interpret and respond to the ever-changing socio-economic and political contexts within which education takes place. Educational policies have been deeply affected by these developments, as national governments have sought to re-align their educational priorities to what they perceive to be the imperatives of globalization.

The authors of this volume explore the key global drivers of policy change in education, and suggest that these do not operate in the same way in all nation-states. They examine the transformative effects of globalisation in the context within which educational policies are developed and enacted, arguing that this context is increasingly informed by a range of neo-liberal guidelines which have fundamentally changed the ways in which we think about educational governance. The book will be of interest to those studying globalisation and education policy across the social sciences.