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Globalisation and higher education in the Arab Gulf states

Donn, G. & Al-Manthri, Y.  Globalisation and Higher Education in the Arab Gulf States.  Oxford, Symposium Books, 2010.  ISBN: 978-1-873927-31-1.  Pages: 176.

In many ways, the Arab Gulf region has stood out as one of the major players in the globalization of higher education, as it is one of the main instigators (and recipients) of off-shore efforts.  With their seemingly unlimited financial budget and a desire to bring the world’s best educational entities to their territory, these countries have pushed forward the internationalisation of higher education through investing in higher education from other parts of the world.  However, in this new work by Donn & Al-Manthri, it is argued that the Arab Gulf states are in effect being consumed by globalization, instead of truly using it to advance knowledge-generation in the region.  They argue that by consuming other countries’ knowledge and products, which (they say) have been cast aside to make room for new innovation, the Arab Gulf states are not creating their own knowledge and innovation base, a necessary ability to compete in a knowledge- based global economy.  With this work, the authors intend to inform and urge the Arab Gulf region into promoting education for its own self-determination and economic and political survival.  This book is available through Symposium Books.

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