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Global sustainability and the responsibilities of universities

Weber, L. E., & Duderstadt, J. J. (Eds.). Global sustainability and the responsibilities of universities. Economica, London, Paris and Geneva, 2012. ISBN: 978-2-7178-6113-6. Pages: 300.

Over the past decade, the Glion Colloquium has established itself as an influential platform addressing the challenges, roles and responsibilities of the world's research universities. In this book, university leaders from around the world consider the role of research universities in tackling the issues of global sustainability, including climate, environmental, economic, health, poverty and geopolitical concerns. The publication was developed from topics discussed at the VIII Glion Colloquium in 2011.

This book looks into not only how research universities are adapting to the imperatives of global sustainability (e.g., social diversity, resource management, academic programmes, research and scholarship). It also explores how they manage to develop new curricula, student experiences, research paradigms, social engagement and international alliances to better address global sustainability while producing graduates who identify as global citizens. Finally, the contributors to this publication explore the implications of profound economic, demographic, technological and political changes for the sustainability of the research university itself.

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