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Global education: knowledge-based economies for 21st century nations

Knowledge-based economies and internationalisation of higher education have been going hand in hand in many countries, undergoing education reforms. In many places of the world higher education systems and institutions are compelled to “go international” or “global” in anticipation of knowledge-based economies. But what exactly are “knowledge-based economies”? How are they different from service economies? What needs to be done differently in higher education institutions to prepare students for knowledge-based economies instead of service-based or manufacturing-based economies? Is global education a must in response to knowledge-based economies? Isn’t global (private) education itself a kind of knowledge-based economy?

Both “knowledge-based economies” and “international/global education” are not as simple concepts as they appear to be. With the theme Global education: knowledge-based economies for 21st century nations, Going Global 2013 – an annual conference organised by one of ACA’s founding members, the British Council – will examine the two interrelated concepts in multiple sessions grouped under three sub-themes:

  • Research and innovation: the role of international collaboration;
  • Developing skilled knowledge workers: the role of international collaboration; and
  • Internationalising tertiary education structures and systems.

The conference will be held in Dubai from 4 to 6 March 2013. It seeks to provide a forum for education leaders and academics to meet with opinion formers and business leaders to discuss education's role in developing knowledge economies.

Registrations for the conference are still open.

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