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Germany’s commitment to global education through funding, strategy, and solidarity 

Universities in Germany are set to receive a significant boost in funding aimed at enhancing international student mobility and academic exchange. As announced by ACA member, the German Academic Exchange Service - DAAD, approximately 220 million euros will be allocated over the next two years. This funding underscores Germany's commitment to promoting global academic cooperation and enriching educational experiences for both students and university staff. 

In parallel, DAAD has actively promoted academic solidarity and support, particularly in regions impacted by conflict and instability. The DAAD emphasised the importance of educational programs in the stabilisation of Ukraine's education system and its integration into the broader European framework at the "Ukraine Recovery Conference" held in Berlin. The DAAD underscored the significance of sustained efforts to reconstruct and strengthen academic ties with Ukraine, emphasising the role of education as a cornerstone for regional stability and growth, and called for increased international support.  

Lastly, the DAAD's Annual Report 2023, unveiled at its General Assembly this year in Berlin, highlights a strategic imperative amid geopolitical uncertainties. In 2023, DAAD expanded its academic protection programs, assisting over 370 threatened students and scholars. It supported 18,000 Ukrainians amidst the conflict, maintained exchanges with Israel despite challenges, and sponsored 220 Palestinians studying in Germany. DAAD also enhanced ties with China, facilitating visits for 560 Germans and 1,100 Chinese scholars. Overall, DAAD funded 140,803 individuals globally, reinforcing international academic mobility and exchange.