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Germany: Sorting the wheat from the chaff

A place at a German university is much sought after by foreign applicants. But what about the prospects of getting a place and successfully completing one’s studies? And how can universities find an objective basis for comparing candidates from various countries? Help is provided by TestAS, the Test for Academic Studies developed on behalf of DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service).

The test was developed by ITB Consulting GmbH and the TestDaF-Institut and can be taken in German or English. The results provide information on the learning attitude of the applicant, and should serve as benchmarks for universities in selecting candidates. This might also help to avoid high student drop-out rates.

In 2008, approximately 2 400 prospective students from 98 countries sat the TestAS exam. Some German universities have already made the test obligatory. It will be offered at worldwide testing centers in March and October 2009. The test fee is EUR 100.