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Germany: One billion Euro for 1,000 tenure-track positions

Germany’s federal government and the Länder (states) have agreed on new measures to boost the country’s higher education institutions. One key component is a scheme starting in 2017 and ending in 2032 which is to support young researchers. It will fund 1,000 tenure track positions leading to lifetime full professorships after six years. The scheme is worth one billion Euro. At the same time, the federal and Länder governments approved a new programme named “Innovative higher education institutions”. This programme, worth 550 miilion Euro, targets Germany’s Fachhochschulen (universities of applied science) as well as smaller universities (see ACA Newsletter Education Europe – May 2016) Critics have argued that this  programme is a consolation measure for Germany’s run-of-the-mill institutions, which did not benefit from the “excellence initiative”. The excellence initiative will also be extended, although under a slightly changed name.
The legendary instrument, intended to establish “elite universities”, was first created in 2005. Extended in 2009 to run until 2017, the package was worth 4.6 billion Euro. In 2019, the “excellence strategy” will start. This programme will fund 11 universities over seven years and will be worth over 500 million Euro. German Ministry of Education and Science – press release (only available in German)